In 1989, Mr. Hary Tjahjono started PT. Hardo Soloplast (HSP) with 1 extrusion line from Taiwan and produced 720 metric tons of polypropylene woven bags (PP bags) per annum. The motto Hardo Soloplast started was "Memadu Karya Membentang Citra", in simple English it can be translated as "Building and providing quality products will bring high quality image".

In 1992, we exported our first container to Europe by promising high quality bags, excellent customer service, and long term partnership. In less than three years, our bags are consumed by the international market due to our quality and on time delivery. We always strive to work together to satisfy our partners need.

After 21 years of hard working, continuous improvement, working together hand to hand with our partners, and maintain consistency, Hardo Soloplast is one of the largest and advanced PP woven bags and multifilament yarn producer in the world. Today we produce 6,000 metric tons of polypropylene bags or equates to 65 million bags annually and export them worldwide. Our production team is supported by experienced professionals, 3 extrusion machines, 84 circular looms and advanced finishing machineries such as bale press and automated cutting and sewing machineries. We combine both European and Asian machineries to provide our partners with high quality bags at competitive price.

We are always looking for partners around the globe who are willing to build long term relation, develop the market together and share the same vision as Hardo Soloplast.

 PT. Hardo Soloplast realized that in order to win the market, we have to work together with our partners closely and provide them with excellent quality products. We also provide our working family with safe environment and high technology machinaries to ensure efficiency and meet the requirements. Hardo Soloplast sees our partner and working crew as a big family, not just customer-buyer relation. We UNDERSTAND, DEVELOP, GROW and WIN together.

To win market competition and maintain our existence with our partners

  • Deliver high quality products supported by advanced tech nologies
  • Committed to provide all of our partners with quality product and excellent service to dominate the market
  • Building a solid organization with clear and simple procedure without reducing efficiency

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Surakarta 57772 Indonesia
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JL. Raya Palur KM. 8
Jaten - Karanganyar
Solo, Indonesia 57771
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